Trip Advisor Review

Dear Diego,

This is a copy of the review I posted on Trip Advisor. I hope many more people will experience a wonderful trip planned by you. You were amazing and we cannot thank you enough for all you did on our behalf.

Kenda and Walter Scott

“Absolutely the best service from the best agent ever”

We met Diego Kraidelman at on the internet. He put together a terrific package for two couples visiting off a cruise ship. Along with our trip to the falls he included a tour of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. We were treated like visiting "royals". All this personalized service was way below the cost of the ship's shore excursions. He handled a crisis of a necessary change of our plans due to an unexpected change in the ship's itinerary. He did it all via Email from the ship even working on the weekend. What a pleasure to work with such a caring efficient agent.

Visited February 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hola Diego,

We all safely landed at Detroit Metro Airport about 2 p.m. and were in our homes by 4.
First, I want to thank you for putting together this wonderful trip. I think it exceeded all of our expectations. With you as our guide, we knew we were in good hands, would learn a wealth of information especially about your beloved Uruguay and there was never any doubt that we would lots of laughs, new adventures and many many surprises!!
Our flight ended up have three open spots for stand by passengers. All three stand by people did show up so our flight was completely filled. We want to thank you and your parents for opening up your home to us and inviting us to stay with you had we been bumped. That, too would have been another wonderful experience. We are grateful for your family's generosity.
When we get settle in here, get all the laundry done, and suitcases away, we'll send you some of our photos. Usually, I put some out on Picasa and we'll also send you a CD. Then when all that is done, more Tango lessons are on our agenda!!

Hasta la vista!!

Sue and Joe Evans


Hi Diego, thank you so much for arranging the trip it was absolutely fantastic!!!!
The guides were amazing and couldn't do enough to help us.
Thanks again

John and Grace

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Sue Gavin-Our Trip to Buenos Aires

Good morning Diego,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what wonderful time my husband and I had during our trip to Buenos Aires and Colonia. We attribute a lot of that to Patricia, who helped our experience to be seamless and worry free. The most enjoyable part of our vacation was that Patricia told us where to be and when to be there and I did not have to “think” or plan anything. Also, we believe we covered much more ground and experienced more of Buenos Aires because of Patricia’s stamina! She is a lovely girl as well as a fantastic tour guide and she is an asset to your company.

I will absolutely recommend you and your company (I already have) to anyone who asks me.

Additionally, Fabien was a wonderful driver and the tour guide (whose name I forget) who took us around on our first day was wonderful as well.

Thank you so much for your attention to our trip, it was the difference between a good vacation and a wonderful vacation. We are talking about returning to Argentina and we will definitely contact you again.

PS, I’m moving to AR become a professional Tango dancer (lol!).


Sue Gavin


Mr. Diego Kraidelman

Hartford, CT 06105

Dear Mr Kraidelman,

I would like to express my gratitude for your help in straightening out our Iguazu Falls tour problems caused by our ship coming in 6 hours late. Although, we had to eliminate the Brazilian side of the tour, the Argentinian side of the tour was wonderful. Both my wife and I enjoyed it greatly.

Both our driver, Alberto, and our guide, Rosario, were very helpful in making sure we enjoyed ourselves. My wife is especially grateful for Roserio’s help in climbing back to the top of the falls after our jet boat ride.

Thank you very much.

Dennis &Carol Janda

Calafate, Perito Moreno & Ushuaia Tours

Diego, Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Ushuaia. Teresa was charming, very knowledgable, and had a great command of English (probably because she spent 6 months in New York in High school).

we really enjoyed it.

Thanks again

Michele and Jim.

Falcones surprise the Liveseys

Hola Diego,

Thank you Diego. Pedro, the driver did a GREAT job of surprising the Liveseys with our arrival. Many thanks.
Louis was a great guide of the city. It was a great tour.
Thank you for all you did to make it happen.
Best Regards,
Rose Ann