Allô Diego,
My friends and I have enjoyed very much our Iguazu tour Feb23/25.What a sight
these falls, especially under heavy rain!!!!The hotel Esturion is perfect and very
attractive.Eating outside on the veranda was a real pleasure.
Thank you for arranging it for us,


Good morning Diego and Patricia

Just a quick note to say thanks for making our trip to Buenos Aires a success. Patricia, you were so flexible and accomodating--every time we got together the group expanded from 2 to 10 and 12 at a time!! And you took care of all of us without blinking an eye! From what was shared after you departed each time everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tours! And the Tango Night was a major success as well!! I had such a good time that I'm even starting to think about becoming a tour guide up here in Canada! Patricia made the job look that attractive!

The trip to Iguazu was also wonderful--what an amazing place. The only glitch that occurred was I ordered a video of the water adventure we did under the Falls and the company did not get it to the hotel before we headed to the airport. I mentioned this to Alberto and he said he would look into getting it for us and sending it to me. I don't know if this is possible. The best way would be to have him send it to me COD via the post office or to get it to you, Diego, in the US and then you could ship it to me from there. I also have friends in North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington DC area who could receive the package as well and get it to me when we visit one another. Caesar, who was our guide that day, can verify what time the tour was (I think it was at 1 p.m.) should more information be needed to get the video.

If we can't get it that's OK--but thought I'd ask you to follow up on this if possible.

I'll also send on some pictures to you bth once I get them edited!

Again great trip and we both appreciate your help making it so!

All the best,


Iguasu & Buenos Aires

Hello Diego.

How are you? Just wanted to let you know we had an awesome trip to Iguasu and our stay in Buenos Aires afterwards.
We were spoiled by the Panoramic and the Marriiott. Really enjoyed our day with Patricia. She was great and we really enjoyed her company.

We did the boat ride to the falls and got totally soaked!!! What a thrill. We would have liked to have a video, but we headed to the airport right after so they couldn't get one to us. Do you know how to contact them to see if we can get one sent to us?

We went to a football game also...earlier in our trip and experienced the Boca Jrs and Independents squaring off.

Thank you again for all you did and I look forward to working with you again in the future.



Subj: Iguazu Falls

Good morning Diego,

Attention: Diego Kraidelman

On February 10th my husband and I flew into Iguazu Falls on your full day package. We were extremely pleased - for anyone asking, it was the best $1000 we spent. The scenery was awesome, the only way to describe it - an absolute must see. Your arrangements worked perfectly from meeting us at the airport, guiding, and returning.
We want to extend a special thank you to your guide Jose Luis. He was very knowledgeable, most accommodating, and personable - an asset to your organization.

Janice Simser

MY trip to Argentina and Uruguay

Hi Diego

Sorry for taking so long to follow up with feedback from the trip to Argentina and Uruguay. It was fun to meet up with you in Buenos Aires.

1. I loved Iguazu Falls, especially the Argentine side. The Esturion hotel was very nice. The room had a beautiful view of the river below. The pool and grounds were great. The tour package of the falls was complete and the tour guides, as always, were excellent.

2. As we discussed the location of the Obelisco hotel in Buenos Aires was perfect for me. The staff was very helpful and responsive. It was very easy to check in and out the many times I did.

3. Mendoza was great for two days. Three would have been even better. The tour guide both days was great, especialy the woman for the long trip into the Andes. It was fun to get her perspective on her country. She had lived in New York City for many years and spoke perfect English. The Aconcagua hotel was great.

4. Two days in Colonia was too long for me. One would have been just right if the timing worked out.

5. I loved driving the stick shift car across Uruguay. It was fun everywhere, but no more so than on the Rambla in Montevideo. Driving a manual transmission after a many year hiatus came back in two seconds.

The Ermitage hotel in Montevideo was just right--perfect location a short block from the beach, although I don't think the water looks all that great there--too muddy.or me

Punta del Este was fun for a one night stay. Again, great location for the hotel. I agree with your picks. For the price, I care more about the location than being fancy.

The all day guide, Brigitte, was fabulous. It is really special having one's own tour guiide. In Buenos Aires the tour guide was equally great. The all day tour was a walking tour with some taxi rides which worked out great. I can't remember the guide's name but everyone seemed to know him and the day was a lot of fun.

All in all, your choices were perfect for me. Thanks.

Richard Belden

Great tour, thanks


Thank you so much for the wonderful tour arrangements in Buenos Aires and Iguazu. All of the drivers and guides showed up right on schedule and were very nice to me. The flight arrangements all went smoothly. It was so comforting to find a driver carrying a sign with my name on it when I landed in Buenos Aires after a long flight.

I especially enjoyed touring Buenos Aires with Luis. Luis was very knowledgable about history and art, and flexible about adapting our walking tour to my interests. Luis loves showing off his city and was fun to be with. The Obelisco Center was the best location for finding my way around the city and a friendly, quiet hotel.

Iguazu was an amazing park with its cataratas, butterflies and birds; and I did enjoy the boat ride and the wildlife refuge center as well.

I was nervous about booking all the arrangements with a stranger on line, especially because I was traveling alone, but your arrangements could not have been better. Let me know if you are familiar with Galapagos tours, and I will plan my vacation with you next year. Muchas Gracias, and feel free to use me as a reference.

Ruth Kimball

Our Argentina and Uruguay trip

Hi Diego,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I’ve been very busy.

Carole and I had a great time on our trip to Argentina and Uruguay. Everything went well and we had a great time. In Buenos Aires we had a little rainy weather, but we have never let the weather spoil our holiday, even in Alaska. Patricia Kanelson was a great guide and made the gloomy day interesting and fun. I am in the process of updating our travel website and have added you and EcoUruguay to the site a recommended contacts. Please feel free to visit our site and contact me if you would like me to change the contact information, or remove it from the site.

Thanks for a great trip.